We are MeasurePlan.

We are a company that prides itself in offering local businesses the opportunity to stand out in the market. We understand that it’s not always easy to have your customers physically come in and check out what you have to offer. You are not always open and you are not always near-by and that is where we come in to help.

MeasurePlan is proud to reveal our new marketing tool known as the 360 virtual tour. With this, you’re clients are able to browse your facility from the comfort of their computer, tablet, and even their iPhone. A virtual tour offers the viewer the ability to have a complete panoramic view all around them and explore the areas of your facility that matter most. Virtual tours will show off the atmosphere of your area that can’t be captured by just simple pictures or a description.

Being one of the most recent developed marketing strategies of our time, virtual tours will amaze your audience with the fluidity and uniqueness of its use. The best time to have one is before everyone else. MeasurePlan offers you full control in what you want to show to the world at a third of the price the leading competitors.  This one time investment will be completely under your control and is easily integrated on any website.

For stores, show off all the products you have to offer and easily link them to your website for a quick and efficient transaction. For medical facilities, have the capability to create comfort in your practice before patients even step inside. For real estate, give your potential buyer an in depth feel of the area anytime and anywhere.

Welcome Your Customers!

Keep Your doors Open 

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We are more than your 24/7 Sales Rep.

We are more than your description in the newspaper.

We are more than pictures and video.

We are MeasurePlan!

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