MeasurePlan delivers accuracy and convenience while improving your company’s image. Appearance and accuracy of drawings, sketches and other presentation materials play a very important role in how your company’s work is perceived by clients and all participants associated with your project. MeasurePlan provides logical cost efficient solutions and can help  your company stand out amidst the competition in this modern fiercely competitive business world.


Digital template is a file  (.dxf or .dwg), which reflects all relevant measurements associated with a particular space or object.  Digital templating is indispensable when it comes to working with complicated shapes (curves, arches, angles, etc). It provides much needed overall precision and adds flexibility by enabling further usage and storage.

Do you remember those days when creating a template required 1-2 hours of painstaking work on a job site?  A specially trained person had to heat up a glue gun and glue luan strips in order to replicate the shape of some wall that had unimaginable geometry consisting of weird angles and curves  Why waste valuable time and effort while not having a 100% measurement accuracy? Stepping into the modern world of precise laser measurement is very easy and MeasurePlan can find a flexible and affordable solution for you!

Modern technology enables us to generate digital templates for countertops which can be further utilized for a variety of purposes (fabrication on CNC machine, design, real estate and architectural applications). As part of our services we will provide you with .DXF or .DWG file, which opens an endless array of potential uses. We stand ready to help you with any measurement challenge!  Marble or Granite Countertops, Corian, Zodiaq, Glass, Wood, Plastics – MeasurePlan can help you!  Simple or complex shapes, arches, wave-like patters, angles of all types – Measureplan can handle it!

We deliver you quality services completed in highly professional manner. Accurate, Fast, Affordable, Reliable. Grow your business and increase your professionalism with MeasurePlan!

Quick Reminder for the Clients.

When it comes to counter top related assignments, in most cases the counter top does NOT have to be removed.  All new cabinets must be installed and leveled.  All appliances and fixtures that will adjoin the counter top (cook top, sink, faucet and other accessories) will require  holes drilled in the counter top must be present at the job site.  A knowledgeable person must be present during the measurement process to answer questions regarding seam location, overhangs, hole placements for faucets, edge preferences and other individual details.

Getting started with MeasurePlan?


    You can start by registering on our website. Provide your company and contact  information, describe your needs.  MeasurePlan will review your information and create account for you.


    After registration is complete, you can use your account to access a calendar feature where you can schedule appointments with clients and arrange field measurements.


    Please provide us with as many details as possible. Let us know customer contact information and project details (material type, type of measurement services, all other relevant details). You can upload project sketches or any other files in .jpg or .pdf format.


    MeasurePlan will promptly review your details and get in touch with you (or your customer directly) to setup a date and time for appointment.


    Proceed with payment. We accept most popular payment sources : cards, PayPal, checks. If  you plan to pay by check allow us couple of days to process the payment.


    After Measurement assignment is complete, you will receive a template file, drawings  and  photos associated with the project. You can access these files by logging into your account.